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What the next 20 years will mean for jobs – and how to prepare | World Economic Forum

Updating education, rethinking benefits and greater employee flexibility are just three of the ways we should rethink work for the 21st-century, says the founder of freelancer platform Upwork.
— Read on www.weforum.org/agenda/2019/01/jobs-of-next-20-years-how-to-prepare

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Happiness Coach- Lahore


By appointment only: sadiadnaan@hotmail.com. empoweer.lyfe@gmail.com

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My Definition of Happiness

Someone asked me today my definition of Happiness, and it did not take me a fraction of a second to respond: i am happy when my core is happy& my core is a spiritual connection i feel with the Nature, birds, clouds, flowers, stream, rain, fragrances. Thats’s what makes me happy:). My mood lifts up when i am walking under clouds, looking at flower beds with breeze kissing my face, when it is drizzling and the heaven’s magic touches my face, it enriches my inner core beyond expression, boosts my spirits and i walk on earth with pride as that of sun on the sky. I thank God for giving me this art of loving and enjoying the symphony of Nature for it weaves a magic so pure that nothing can hold a candle to it.

Find your magic, see what soothes you, discover your happiness!

Happy weekend!

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41 a new 21

Today i complete my 41 years journey on earth, and can not be proud of the achievements i have had along the way. Like most of you, nothing has been easy in my life, the ebb and flow of the currents of my life were not easy to bear but the energy, happy vibes i feel right now, despite the ailments and sufferings is an amazing gift by Allah. I am thankful to The Creator for all the Blessings, Rehmatain and bounties HE bestowed upon me, more so for the people HE sent my way during different phases of my life.

It has been a great metamorphosis, i have been through transformations that have made me a better human, an accomplished professional and a loved individual. The most important landmark of the last 3 years was Hujj- my biggest, truest transformational experience -(Alhamdollilah).

My biggest take away of 41 years on earth: Not easy to be a human, everyday brings a challenge, the only thing that can help one through the darkness is absolute believe in Allah’s help, ability to find inner strength, loved ones prayers and if lady lucky smiles on you-good bunch of friends.

Heart soaring with gratitude and ear to ear grin, i am off to Celebrate! What a day and what an inning i am about to start, 41 feels like a new 21, surrounded by flowers, rain and plenty of gifts, stars in my eyes and spring in my feet i am all set to celebrate my day!!!

May Allah also gives you the same strength, and vibes that i am feeling right now-Ameen

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Elizabeth Blackwell


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#2022 #Jobs

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10 companies with employee benefits you won’t believe


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WEF-Robots-Future of Work

#AI #Robotics #Ftureofwork #HR

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LinkedIn Profile + Twitter


@FaezaFaeza32- Twitter handler

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Business applications for AI and ML


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